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Your product is our product.
Your success is our success!

Outstanding since 1964

At Haugaard, our goal is simple: to be the most important partner in creating outstanding products made from steel tubes. Since 1964, we've been a leading and important manufacturing partner with a niche in tube bending that can be traced back to our early work with the world-famous red JOJO cable drum (JO-EL).

Today, we offer contract manufacturing services and deliver everything from simple structures to complete solutions. Our team consists of dedicated and skilled craftsmen, engineers, and experienced technicians who work together to deliver competitive and outstanding products for you and your company. As a one-stop manufacturer, we offer everything from development and product manufacturing to finished packaged products and logistics solutions in close cooperation with our customers. Our primary R&D activities and administration are located in Denmark at Haugaard Company, while production is carried out at our own factories in both Denmark and Latvia at Haugaard Baltic.

While Haugaard has evolved and grown tremendously size 1964 one thing has stayed the same: We believe that outstanding products start with outstanding parts. That's why we're committed to providing you with parts, frames and furniture that are competitive in terms of price, sustainability, and quality. Our products must always be competitive in all three areas to achieve the greatest possible success.

From simple structures to complete solutions. Let’s find an outstanding solution together for your company.

What's important to us

We’re brave, adaptable, visionary, and outstanding, while always being responsible towards our community, employees, their families, and the environment. That is our heritage and our DNA.

Our values

To be the most important partner in creating outstanding products​ from steel tubes

Our vision

As an outstanding partner we help our customers create outstanding products true to the environment and design

Our mission


Haugaard has chosen to support Danish Hospital Clowns because the organization’s purpose matches our core value of being responsible in relation to people and the local community.
We will not hide the fact that Danish Hospital Clowns is an organization where we are 100% confident that our support goes to the right people. In fact, the hospital clowns reach more than half of all children hospitalized in Denmark – every year …
When we support the hospital clowns, we help to give sick children unforgettable moments even when life hurts the most. The hospital clowns keep up the courage and the mood when they transform the country’s hospital rooms into spaces full of play, smiles and imagination, where everything is possible.


LGBT+ Denmark is Denmark’s biggest and oldest organization supporting the rights of homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender people and other people not conforming to normative ideas of gender and sexuality. They fight for the right of everyone to be able to live their life in full concurrence with their identity through rights, safe spaces and social change – locally, nationally and globally.
Haugaard supports this fight, and it is a great pleasure to support an organization that relies on volunteer work to a great extent.


What is more important than the rights of children? Too many children in Denmark are alone with their problems. Therefore, Haugaard supports BØRNS VILKÅR, who is working towards a world, where no children in Denmark are left behind – whether that be by the people closest to them, or society.


The mission of DYRENES BESKYTTELSE is to help animals in need, to stop animal cruelty and to fight for a more respectful and sustainable relationship between humans, animals and nature. We believe that we as humans must take just as much responsibility for the good of innocent animals in need that rely on our support, as we do humans. Therefore, we support DYRENES BESKYTTELSE at Haugaard.


While most children look forward to Christmas, for a lot of children’s families, the holiday season is synonymous with worries and stress. Some families cannot afford a lavish dinner, a Christmas tree or presents. Especially for children this kind of Christmas can make them feel left out. Haugaard would like to help change this. Therefore, we support Red Cross’ JULEHJÆLP, who supports families, who need a little extra during this time of year.


Around Christmas every year the donation campaign “Angels above Latvia” invites people from all of Latvia to become guardian angels for children with serious illnesses and help better the life quality of them and their families. No children deserve to live a life of pain, and therefore it is an honor for Haugaard to be able to help.


At Haugaard, we are committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate. That's why we're devoted to taking an active role in supporting local initiatives, charities, and organizations that share our values. We believe that through our actions, we can make a difference in the lives of those around us.


At Haugaard, we believe that passion is what drives people to excel, both in their personal and professional lives. That's why we're proud to sponsor a range of passionate individuals who are pursuing their dreams as well as the local communities that make it possible for them.

SDU Vikings Formula Student Team


Haugaard Company A/S is proud sponsor of the SDU Vikings Formula Student Racing Team at Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern Denmark.


Haugaard supports outstanding dance talents. A child of one our co-workers is on the Baltics’ biggest dancing talents – and this achievement deserves reward. We wish the school and its talents the best in the future – with our support.


Wozniak is a Danish motocross team consisting of riders Daniel, Rasmus and Magnus. The team has ambitions of reaching the top of Danish motocross by competing in both national and international competitions – an ambition we support here at Haugaard!


MCS is an active motocross club, who houses talents both young and old. Haugaard believes in this vision, and we are happy to be a part of supporting an organization, which gives room for talent development – regardless of age.


At Haugaard we support local organizations and initiatives, like Strandager/Allesø Clay Pigeon Shooting. By facilitating good relations across northern Funen, they are contributing to a thriving local community, something we find important and valuable.


We love young talents at Haugaard, so it’s with great pleasure that we support young Sebastian Olsen’s motocross ambitions. At the age of just 11 years, he has already won the Latvian Junior Championship 85 U13 and the National cup championship 85 U13. Sebastian is part of the Rodeo MX Racing team from Ventspils Latvia, with whom he won the Latvian championship in 2022.

Sebastian’s planes for 2023

  • Latvian Championship together with Rodeo MX Racing Team ADAC
  • German Championship together with AMX Racing
  • EMX European Championship

Next project

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

We are proud to announce that we are ISO Certified.