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With Haugaard Baltic’s move from three addresses in Latvia to a single, state-of-the-art production building in Jelgava, a page has been turned in the company’s history book, and now a new chapter is ready to be written.

After successful work with the move, CEO Michael F. Nielsen resigned from Haugaard to devote himself to new projects.

“Michael has done a fantastic job, and we have met our goals in Jelgava. The final part of the move was the establishment of a state-of-the-art, electric powder coating line that runs on green electricity, and we have completed the setup that is an important part of our One Stop concept,” says owner and founder Claus Haugaard, who again takes over the overall responsibility throughout the organization after a time as Head of Sales & Business Development.

“It has been essential that since the turn of the year, I have been able to devote myself to the work of fine-tuning our concept, where the partners are offered total solutions with full service, while Michael has used his great routine with large construction projects to get the production facilities up and running,” says Claus Haugaard and continues:

“Haugaard Company has been fortunate to have Michael as a very active board member and most recently as CEO. We have been up against a declining market, at the same time as we had to move the entire production, and I am sure that today we are in a place where both Michael and Haugaard Company face a bright future, even if we part ways.”

Claus Haugaard’s optimism is not least due to the reception of the One Stop concept, where Haugaard Company manages the entire value chain from prototype over tools, production, and packaging to delivery to the customer, and that way we have come a big step closer to a CO2-neutral value chain.

“We are already busy producing One Stop orders in Jelgava, and I am proud that in a very short time, we have built a production where we streamline all processes and reduce waste while reducing CO2 emissions because it is all handled under one roof,” says Claus Haugaard.