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Since we have moved all activities to our new address, our former production unit in Jelgava is for sale. The building is 3,000 m2 and the plot is 14,000 m2.

• 2 truck loading/unloading ramps for a very smooth flow of goods in and out – quite unusual for small/midsize production buildings
• Easy truck/trailer access to gates and ramps from the outside – full paved areas for trucks
• Inside truck/trailer unloading/loading overhead crane (3-5T)
• High-quality heavy-load concrete production floors, very suitable for CNC machines and high production activity with driving equipment
• LED light coverage in all buildings (production and office areas)
• Excessive electrical installation with high numbers of 400V outlets for machines
• Main electrical board and CNC subboards are designed and produced in Denmark and equipped with transient protections (for CNC machines)
• Compressed air installation with tubing and outlets throughout the production area
• Air condition coverage of the production areas! With the increasingly hot summers, this investment has increased our productivity in hot periods considerably. The same equipment is used for heating (air-to-air heat pumps) during the winter period.
• Heating of production is a hybrid system – oil for heating, and electricity for heating and cooling. This system has been a huge money saver for the last 1-1,5 years, due to price fluctuations on different energy sources.
• Ceiling fan/air mix systems in production for worker’s comfort, summer and winter
• The production areas in general are very friendly – excessive daylight through skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows.
• High standard toilets and changing rooms/facilities for both women and men in production and office suitable for +75 people.
• High standard cantina with fully equipped kitchens in the cantina and offices/meeting room.
• Outdoor summer terrace in connection to the cantina
• Open, high ceilings and air-conditioned office areas of +200m2
• Very representative outside areas with light-covered parking areas, nice office facades, a green garden, etc.
• Full gated area with automatic gates
• Alarm on gates, buildings, and offices
• Fire alarm system
• All outside doors with a security access card/chip
• Expansion opportunities of additional 7,000m2 on existing premises

If you would like to hear more, please contact us below.

Claus Haugaard
Owner and head of sales
Tel.: +45 40 43 00 56