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On Friday 27 October, the doors opened for the annual edition of Snedkerne’s Autumn Exhibition in Denmark. Among the exhibitors was designer Christina Strand, who exhibited her new chair, “Tolv-stolen” (Twelve Chair) with a frame made in close collaboration with Haugaard Company.

“It’s always something special to show your designs to others, and I have been looking forward to unveiling the Tolv chair. It is a prototype I designed specifically for the small church Tolvkanten (The Dodecahedron Church) in Nordhavn, Copenhagen,” explains Christina Strand, who also previously benefited from collaboration with Funen company:

“We have worked together for many years and on many different projects, and it has always worked well because it is a professional company where the employees actively contribute with their professional knowledge all the way through the project, and therefore it was obvious to reach out to Haugaard again,” says Christina Stand, who among other things has made technical changes to the design along the way.

“In this specific case, the product is not highly advanced, but there is still a small kink in the back, and quite a few things about the assembly, where I have had awesome sparring with Haugaard. Even if it is a prototype, the chair is close to how I imagine the final product,” says Christina Strand, who is happy with how the “Tolv chair” fulfills her wishes:

“Architect Julius Nielsen has designed a 12-sided church room and the chair is designed to fit into those surroundings. Also, the room in the church must be able to be changed so that the chairs can be stacked and cleared away, and that is part of the design, just as the commercial aspect has been important – so are price and quality in the final product.”

While the chair’s frame is being produced by the Haugaard Company, Kjeldtoft Møbelsnedkeri near Aarhus has been responsible for the seat and back, and also here, Christina Strand has benefited from the professional sparring:

“The seat and back are done on a 5-axis CNC machine, and it has been important for us to save as much as we could on the materials, and the employees at Kjeldtoft have contributed with important knowledge and craftsmanship in that regard”.

The exhibit can bee seen until November 26th 2023. Read more (in Danish)

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