Outstanding parts – since 1964

Our niche within tube bending can be traced back to 1964 when Haugaard participated in the development of the world-famous red JOJO cable drum (JO-EL). In the following years, Haugaard delivered a wide range of curved tube racks to JO-EL (today: SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC).

Today, Haugaard is one of the leading and most important partners within processing of tubes and wire. We work together with many different customers and industries, and our vision is: “To be the most important partner in creating outstanding products made from steel tubes”.

We have primary R&D activities and administration in Denmark, and our production is carried out at our own factories in both Denmark and Latvia. The right quality is assured through the entire process. Choosing us as your supplier means that you and your company are in safe hands, and we are always ready with the right advice and guidance. Both before, during and after the process.

We are contract manufacturers and deliver everything from simple structures to complete solutions. Complete solutions are a must for our customers, and we offer to handle  surface treatment, assembly and logistics solutions in close cooperation with the customer.

Our products must always be competitive both in terms of price, sustainability and quality. That is how you achieve the greatest possible success. We call it: Outstanding parts!

Our team consists of dedicated and skilled craftsmen, engineers and experienced technicians, who ensure competitive and outstanding products for you and your company.

We are always responsible towards our community, our employees, their families and the environment which surrounds us all. That is our heritage and our dna.

Our values are: Brave, responsible, adaptable, visionary and OUTSTANDING

Our mission is: “As an outstanding partner, we help our customers create outstanding products”

Our product is an important part of your product. And this co-ownership is important for your product to become an outstanding success. Your success is our success!